Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gardening V House Work

Somehow the thought of pushing our push mower around the back lawn while Pat whipper snips the edges, raking out the duck run getting it ready for tomorrow's fresh bale of straw and tidying up the compost area, after mixing the duck litter with the lawn cuttings; seems a whole lot more fun than cleaning the house.

That is what I did after tea tonight in the cool of the evening. I had lots of helpers with the chooks and ducks wanting to spread what I had raked up into piles. Not that this was a bother to me as I see gardening as playing not work.

I call this "Freedom Road" as Henry and the Girls have to be good to get to this area as its right next to Pat's beloved rasperry canes. It can get a bit on the stressful side if they are caught eating the fruit.

All raked and tidy until the next time in about a fortnight to 3 weeks time. This also coinsides with the composting system I have worked out.

The compost area is a bit like the canteen at work. Everyone loves to hang round it for a drink and chat. Never know what crunchy little critter or slimy fat worm might be hanging round this area. I try and remember to turn the compost and transfer it when the chooks are in their run locked away. Saves fighting them off as well as the ducks.

This is the duck run all nice and clean for tomorrow's straw to be spread about. I'll also clean out Flossy's hutch at the same time. I was using the dog kennel for Clancy while she was broody, but she didn't do too good sitting on her eggs and we had no ducklings. So the kennel is going to my nephew for his Border Collie "Bear".

The box with the thick garbage bag in it is for my sister-in-law as she needs some poultry litter for her own compost tumbler. Nice having contacts and getting some poultry litter when needed.

Well that is about it for me today. And yes the tea dishes are still there waiting to be washed. Wonder if the gang would like a bed time story, so as I can put off the cleaning of the sink a bit longer?????

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