Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bonnie Sitting

Last night when it was dark Pat & I went out with 6 chook eggs and set Bonnie. Its easier to set a chook in the dark as they are more likely to settle on the eggs.

Bonnie is a tight sitter on eggs and so I have no problem that she choose not to use the nest box provided. She is also what I class as a good brooder, as I can lift and move her when needed and also when her chickens are born,I am able to handle her and the babies without worrying about being attacked.

Now we wait 21 days and hopefully we will have some baby chickens.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Lucky, just so you know I had a llok, doing a fab tab job there girl


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Thee:) I am just so pleased with the quality of the photos.