Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I am not sure what part of composting is the most rewarding part.

Making compost using household, garden or animal waste.

Emptying a bin full of free compost, rich in food.

Or having emptied the bin.

Knowing as I take 3 wheelbarrow loads out to the front garden bed that, this is being recycled back into the garden and not sent somewhere as land fill.

By composting house, garden green waste, chicken & duck litter and rabbit and guinea pig litter I am able to not only reduce the waste leaving our place but I am feeding the soil and increasing the worm population and this in turn helps to grow healthy organic vegies and flowers.

I am doing something right.

My front garden is now mulched with 6 wheelbarrows of mulch I have made from my compost bins out the back.

I gave the soil a good drink and then sprinkled Blood & Bone around the plants and after the mulch had been spread round I sprinkled more Blood & Bone on top and another water with the hose.

No weeds, healthy plants and mulched to keep the plants moisture in the soil longer.

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