Monday, February 20, 2006

More photos from the zoo trip.

This is Spike the echidna and was in the rainforest bird area. There was a zoo worker talking to us about Spike and I asked if I could touch him. He didn't seem to mind me running my hand down his back to feel the quills. Even though they could do some damage, they felt "soft".

This dragonfly stopped on a rock in the otter area before it flew on.

1 pm each day (weather permitting) there is an information demostration with these 2 Maccraw birds. They fly to trees where a keeper stands and are rewarded with food bits in the coconut cup.

People area able to stand on a lawned area and have the birds fly over them as they go from tree to tree.

This little baboon baby is just so cute, though a treatment of botox around the nose/eye area wouldn't go astray. He looks like an old man here.

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