Sunday, March 12, 2006

Black Russian Tomatoes

Its only a little tomato plant but at least I have 4 of the 6 seeds germinated. Last few days have been hot and today we have a north wind thrown in for good measure. March here in South Australia is known for having hot days.

So I am making sure the little seedlings don't dry out and die.

Well at least I have gotten this far with the experiment. I did have visions at one stage of nothing happening. But I am excited now that it is up off the ground.

I am sure this will be a worth while and fun experiment in finding out if the Black Russian tomato plant prefer the cooler months in South Australia, as I know it hated the hot months.

Don't forget I have the whole experiment on my main website

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Alice said...

I was disappointed with our Black Russian tomato too. It didn't seem to cope with the heat as well as other varieties. Not sure how it would go here in the cooler months; maybe okay if it could be finished before the frosts come.