Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Free Strawberry Plants

My strawberry plants have been sending out some runners and about a fortnight ago I potted 6 of the runners into pots and cut any remaining runners off.

I checked the pots and found the strawberry roots have come through the bottom of the pots into the soil below. So now it is time for me to plant them out into the area I have chosen.

I now have 6 new plants and have saved myself $24 as the going rate near me in nurseies are $3.95 per plant.

So now I have 15 strawberry plants as I had bought 10 in the spring last year, though 1 did die.
The variety I am growing is called Zdana.
Zdana is a new strawberry producing abundant, exceptionally large fruit very early in the season. The tasty berries have a sweet fragrance and a low acid content. The yields are up to seven times the size of some traditional varieties.

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