Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lazy day out the back.

Most of today was spent sitting out in the backyard having a relaxing day. I don't get to do this very often and as I let all those hours just slide by, I was taking in the sounds around me.

The amount of wild birds that either walked around on the lawn or called to each other from trees in the park behind our back fence was music to my ear. Much more relaxing listening to birds and animals that cars and trucks.

The chooks were out running with the ducks today, first time since Banjo's babies were born. I am sure the chooks were happy about having the whole poultry area to roam in. Ducks weren't too fussed about having to share their area with the chooks.

At one stage the ducks had taken over the chook run. Lots of quacking going on as they started to push soil round to see what they could find. Nothing like eating stolen food from someone else's food bin.

I had Nibbles running round under my feet for most of the day. He was just so excited to be out in the backyard and I only saw him a couple of times eating the broccoli leaves in the brassica area. Somehow I think I missed a few of his visits.

Cadbury had to stay in her hutch on the lawn. I wasn't in the mood to chase her down at the end of the day. Where as Nibbles is like a puppy and comes when called. Also I don't need baby rabbits at this time of the year.

Today has been just so nice out the back. Must remember to make time and do this again really soon.

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