Friday, March 03, 2006

Lucky's Duck Farm

I would like to tell you about my main website that can be access by clicking on Lucky's Duck Farm

I love gardening and more so vegie gardening and am very aware of the health benefits of eating organic foods. So when we started looking for a place to call our own 7 years ago. I was taking a lot of interest in how and where I could put my vegie garden.

Started off with a small patch of soil and just one worm farm. A few months later we had our first half dozen hens for eggs and manure for my first of 3 compost systems I now use. Over a couple of years ducks, another worm farm and rabbits were included in helping to make my own compost and cleaning up the garden waste and bugs that go with gardening.

As the years went by the vegie patch grew and increased including cutting down the lawn area by using the no-dig garden method. Raspberry canes were added to our fruiting list. So now we have not only fresh raspberries, but also apricots, pepino and plums.

I am now trying an experiment with Black Russian tomato seeds to see if they will grow better in the cooler months. Mine died with the first heatwave that hit us this summer. So I'm thinking is it a cooler type of plant? So I am recording and publishing the results as I go on my main web.

I have started to swap my own seeds I have saved, with fellow gardeners in Australia. There is nothing more thrilling than giving the gift of organic seeds or receiving them and helping someone start a worm farm or giving away the excess roosters.

You have seen the baby ducks just born this week. Next week I am hoping for a good hatching rate with eggs that Bonnie my silkie is sitting on.

Last but not least, my backyard is a hit with animal lovers all ages.

So I am inviting you to click on the link to see more of Lucky's Duck Farm.

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