Friday, March 17, 2006

No-Dig Gardening Soil

Isn't this soil beautiful??? This is an area that I have set aside as a no-dig garden. I wanted to cut down the lawn area a few years back and at the same time increase my vegie growing area.

On the left is common chives and on the right are some spring onions I have grown from my own seed saving plan.

All I did was drag the 3 prong claw hoe over the area and now the garlic bulbs have been sown here and I just sit back and wait for them to sprout and grow.

No-dig gardens are a great way of gardening if you have a bad back or just want to be lazy and not turn the soil before hand.

To turn the lawn area into a no-dig garden all I did was........

  • Cover the lawn with old sheep manure and blood and bone.
  • Placed over lapping 8 sheets of newspaper (no glossy paper though) on top of the sheep manure and wet the whole lot down.
  • More sheep manure.
  • Then straw and plenty of it.
  • Once again more sheep manure and blood and bone.
Then I let it settle for about 2 weeks and then made some holes in the straw and popped some seedlings in surrounded with homemade compost.

Over time the straw will have broken down and the newspaper will have rotted away, the lawn is dead and a past memory and I just keep adding to the area with old sheep manure, compost and rabbit bedding.

No-dig areas can be used anywhere and on or in anything, old water tanks cut down, on clay-pan soil, wheel barrows, old boots, tennis courts.... your only limited by your imagination.

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