Saturday, March 04, 2006

Organic foods for the future.

Today I was busy sowing more seeds for the vegie garden. Starting these off in a good seed raising mix will give them a good start in life. Once they are big enough, they will be transplanted into an area prepared to the needs of each variety sown.

I have sown bunching shallots, leeks, mini caulies, broccoli,3 varieties of loose leaf lettuces & spinach.

Later in the evening I am going to remove the cucumber and tomato plant as these have come to the end of their life. I'll be planting some all season carrots, purple carrots and rainbow chard in this area. As the trellis will be free with the cucumber removed I'll use this for sowing snow peas.

Did you know that purple carrots were the only variety grown once? The orange carrots came later on.

So as you can see its a busy time here in Luckyland and the promise of fresh organic food down that track is just mouth watering.


melissa said...

hi there lucky ...
we grew the purple carrots this year .. 'dragon ' from eden seeds .
not one of us could get over eating purple carrots .. so they remain ..getting bigger and bigger in the garden bed !

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Melissa.....

I am looking forward to seeing what the purple carrots not only grow like but also taste. If we don't end up eating them, the rabbits will have a good supply for a few months.