Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sowing Garlic

I've used a 10 cent and 5 cent coin to show you how big my garlic cloves are that I grew last season. The best yet in size and flavour in my books.

Now it's time to sow this season's crop and the cloves in the photo will be the ones I will use.

This still leaves me some cloves left over for use in the kitchen and as a natural worming agent for my poultry.

Garlic should be grown in a sunny position in a well drain sandy loam rich in compost. The pH should be around the 6.0 mark. I don't need to add any blood & bone or nitrogen to the area as where I am planting out the cloves was done at the beginning of spring.

These will be harvested when the leaves and flowers die back in the late summer

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