Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stock Loss

My brother in law tells me if I have animal stock, I can expect to have losses as well. This might be true but when a loss happens it is heartbreaking.

Today has been one of those days. If I could go back and change what happened I would. But I can't and this in itself is the hardest part of excepting what happened.

Just a busy day first thing in the morning. We had a state election and not being well at the moment, the idea of going out and voting was not my idea of a great day. We just wanted to get it over and done with and get home again.

So when we arrived home I started to go about my day and this included taking the scrap bucket to the ducks and chooks.

This is when I noticed the baby ducks weren't with Banjo. Oprah was with her mum Bonnie, but no baby ducks. I checked the shed and around near the compost bins and inside the chicken run, just in case they has squeezed through the chicken wire.

Then I thought of the duck pond down the other end of the poultry run. The gate was open and yes, they had climbed into the adult pond and couldn't get out.

They had drowned.

Through me not checking the gate properly, the ducklings paid with their short little lives.

I showed Banjo her babies, but she wouldn't come very close to them and so I am guessing as she guarded them so closely she knew what had happen.

I cried tears of sadness at the loss of the ducklings and at my carelessness of wanting to go out before I had checked to make sure the gate was closed and they were safe.

I cannot stress how important it is to make sure not only baby ducks but also adult ducks have a safe way out of any water container.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky,

so sorry to hear about your ducklings :(

sounds like you have created a gorgeous space for yourself - keep up the good work - more duckies will come and they will love your garden and your passion and love, i know :)