Monday, March 27, 2006

Visiting other animals

Isn't she beautiful? This is Echo my nephew's female eclectuc parrot. Pat and I called round this morning to drop off some organic vegies for both Echo and Buddy to feast on for the next few days.

Echo loves coming out of her cage.

Buddy is the male ecleltuc parrot and he's a funny thing. Loves to talk to you through the wires but not too keen on coming out of the cage. He is well known for tipping out the fruit and veg from the bowl onto the floor of the cage.

Do you think he would do it today for me, no......he waited until we had left.

This is Bear; she a pure bred Boarder Collie. She's a lovely dog and loves to play and play some more.

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Susan Borgas said...

I think I may have met these animals myself...wink