Sunday, April 30, 2006

Today's gardening was enjoyable.

My raspberry canes as of yesterday, needing a good pruning and tidying up.

The same area today. Last year's fruiting canes were removed and this year's fruiting canes were tied back against the trellis.

If I was to cut all the canes back to the ground we wouldn't get any fruit this coming season.

So in the spring 2007 fruiting canes will grow and next year I will cut the 2006 fruiting canes away and tie up the 2007 fruiting cane and let the 2008 canes grow.

I know there is a variety that all canes are cut back each winter, but not the variety I planted. This coming fruiting season I am going to make some raspberry jam. Usually we eat the raspberries fresh with cream.

I had to show you this, a red tomato on the last day of April. How cool is that?? Not a lot of home grown tomatoes at this time of the year in the area I live. I thought I show you the tomato on the plant still. Sliced tomato on toast tomorrow for breakfast. Couple of the other fruits are starting to turn colour too.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

This egg had me wondering as I collected it this morning. Wasn't sure when I went to pick it up, if it was going to break open in my hand.

This spotty cracked looking egg is actually 100% okay and the hen who laid it, is rather clever in my books.

Starting to wonder if I have a budding artist down in the chicken coop.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Update on Manny

Here is a better picture of Manny, he has settled in really well and tonight is sleeping with all his wives. As the day went by his crow became more confident and I must say he didn't spend a lot of time crowing either. We didn't hear him through the night either.

Henry had a habit of crowing through out the night and on and off all day. Think that was the bantam coming out in Henry.

I am thrilled with having a pure breed rooster and to be a Plymouth Rock is a bonus.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Introducing Manny

Introducing Manny the Plymouth Rock Rooster who has replaced Henry.

As you can see Manny is only young and needs to grow his tail feathers. Going to be interesting to watch all the chooks over the next few weeks until Manny becomes top chook and stops the girls picking on him.

At the moment he is Manny the Mouse not Manny the rooster.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Little Sprouts

So far the Brussels Sprouts are looking okay and growing. The rabbits have been enjoying the leaves from the plants. The plants are growing at all different levels as well as the sprouts. I am not sure if they are growing right and so on Thursday I have a friend calling in and I'll get him to have a look at these.

Once the sprouts get to this level the leaves are removed to allow room for the sprout to form.

From what I have been told the frosts will make the sprouts tighter, not sure how this works. Its been fun watching these plants develop and even if I only get a medium feed, I will be happy with this as they will be organic and what we can't eat will feed the animals, no problem at all.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Russian Tomato Update

If you have been a regular visitor here you will more than likely know about my Russian Tomato experiment I am doing over the cooler months here in Adelaide.

You will also know that the 4 white chickens (about 10 weeks of age now) I have nicknamed the fabless 4 raided the first sowing and destroyed the seedlings.

Well today after so many days of where the fabless 4 haven't jumped the "people fence" and raided the garden, I have planted out the last 4 seedlings I have germinated.

The whole idea of this trial is I am wondering if these plants will grow and crop better in the cooler months rather than the hot months earlier in the year.

The first bout of high heat we had in the summer months, the Russian Tomato plants died. Up until the heat arrived the plant was healthy and fruit was on the plant.

So my main question is.............. Will these plants survive and crop better due to our cooler months if close to the temps and conditions of a Russian summer.

For the full story on this go to my main website Lucky's Duck Farm.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Visitors to Luckyland

Like all visitors that stay, they must leave. And with Rabbie & Ginie this was now their time to go home. Fiona & Iain and their 2 girls arrived at about 3.30 pm yesterday and were staying the night. So we got to see the antics of their other little animals that went with them to Whyalla.

One of them is their little female budgie Pepper. Who loves red wine and by the looks of it Johnny Walker mixer drinks from a can as well. Pepper doesn't make a good drunk as she gets agro when removed from glass and tells us off as she hops back up for another swig of booze.

Wonder if she has a hang-over and is going okay in her cage, as they are now travelling back to Sydney?

This is one of their 2 stick insects that are from Queensland. When they first got the insects they were no bigger than Fiona's little finger nail.

They have suction cups on their feet and so you can't pick them up as their little feet could be torn from the legs. So you have to walk them onto or off your hand or what ever they are standing on.

Food is gum leaves and water is sprayed a couple of times a day to encourage them to eat and drink from the spray droplets on the leaves.

Getting up early this morning made for some photo time of the local Rainbow Lorikeets that are visiting our apricot tree.

Very noisy birds and we had about 12 this morning in the tree having a good natter and feed of leaves and hopefully not fruiting buds for this coming seasons fruit.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Just under 4 kilo of zucchini to be made into zucchini slices and then stored into the freezer for eating over the coming months. Makes a great side vegie as well, I love them sliced and grilled.

These ones won't have as much flavour as the small ones, so these are great in the slice, centre taken out and stuffed then roasted. Usually I grate the centre piece, then add bacon, cheese onion, carrot and an egg. Mix it up and pop back into the shell and roast.

2 plants will feed a family of 4 no problem and they do like a bit of room to grow. Can develop powdery mildew and as I don't use ANY sprays I cut and remove those leaves and compost or add them to the worm farm.

Friday, April 21, 2006

How my garlic is going.

Remember how back some weeks ago I showed you the organic garlic I was going to sow from last years harvest?

Well it's starting to come up and hopefully come summer time I'll have another wonderful harvest of organic garlic for use in my kitchen.

Garlic imported into Australia sprayed with a chemical called Methyl Bromide and I have read where this chemical is highly toxic to humans and all living things.

I have also read it is one of the most dangerous chemicals on our planet. It has also been linked to damage with the ozone layer.

So if more of us can grow the garlic we use in our kitchens in our backyard and this means less garlic is imported from overseas and its better health wise.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Grubs Up

Not sure who is leaning here, think its me???

Feeding time at the zoo. Boy do they go nuts over the wet mash I have put them onto. Those little white chickens stand on my feet and look into the green bucket to see what they are getting each time I mix their feed.

The green bucket gets more of a reaction than the scrap bucket from the kitchen now. I never thought that would happen.

Makes shutting Henry & his girls away in the evening easier, as they follow me into their run for the mash. Tonight they were treated to a couple of cups of cooked rice thrown in for a treat.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


This is "Guinie" who belongs to my 10 year old niece from Sydney.

I love black & white animals and so Guinie is just so far in the good books with me. I had her sitting on my lap outside this morning and she was nibbling on an organic raspberry leaf, chatting away in guinea pig talk. Sounded so restful.

So as you can see these 2 little visitors will be rather spoilt by the time their little owners pick them up in about 6 days.

Easter Visitors

Over the next week we have 2 visitors from Sydney staying with us. My 6 year old niece's rabbit "Rabbie". Also my 10 year old niece's guinea pig "Guinee".

So Nibbles being a gentleman has shacked up with Cadbury for the visit so these 2 visitors have room to stretch their legs.

I'll pop them outside in the nursery run through the day as the weather here is lovely.

Their grandpa has a Jack Russell dog and I had visions of these little animals not returning if the dog got hold of them.

The are just so cute.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Bunny wishing you......

My little Cadbury is often calling into the kitchen at the same time I am preparing the vegies for our evening meal, with a little bit of help from her dad. Tonight she was rewarded with peeled carrot and Brussels Sprout leaves.

Anyway Cadbury, Nibbles, Flossy & all the gang at "Luckyland" and I wish you a safe and fat free Easter. If your travelling.... Return home to your loved ones safely.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Today Pat and I cleaned out the turtle tank in the kitchen. Its amazing how much they have grown and also how fast they can move on the lawn.

I have 2 turtles.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

What the!!

What can I say??? I think the photo says it all.

Twinner is a real water duckie, she will hop into any fresh water as soon as my back is turned. This includes the duck water drinking bowl. And when there is water play, Bundy is not far behind with a little bit of love'n on his mind.

This photo show you how important it is to make sure water containers are safe and stable. A duck can tip a dish over on top of themselves so easy and in hot weather, they will perish underneath it, if they can't get out.

Large ducks find it easier to mate in water due to body size.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Raiders of the Tommies

I have 4 like this, tomato plants destroyed and jiffy pots dug up.

Man I couldn't believe it when I found them like this. The culprits were the 4 little white chickens. Their wing is cut and so I thought they'd not be able to hop over the fence that separates the poultry from the garden.

Don't you bet on it!

These victims of the chicken raid are those 4 Russian Tomato plants I was experimenting with. Luck has it there are 4 left in the seedling tray area and I'll plant these out with some wire around them.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Autumn Days

Poor Nibbles he so want to say hello to Flossy closer than what we will let him.

Today is a beautiful autumn day and we're all out the back enjoying the sunshine and cool day. So we thought Flossy can go in the nursery run as the 4 white chickens are now over in the poultry run through the day.

The sounds are heavy this morning with birds in the park singing to each other, Cocky is talking away in his cage and every so often the ducks quack and a hen announces another egg has been laid.

These sorts of day are lovely and relaxing. Well except for a couple of rabbits that is. Poor Cadbury is in her outside run and Nibbles hasn't even bothered to go over and say hello yet. Too busy chatting up Flossy.... still.

So while you are slogging away in your busy life where ever that may be, think of us poor folks and animals out enjoying the day, as someone has to do it.