Sunday, April 02, 2006

Autumn Days

Poor Nibbles he so want to say hello to Flossy closer than what we will let him.

Today is a beautiful autumn day and we're all out the back enjoying the sunshine and cool day. So we thought Flossy can go in the nursery run as the 4 white chickens are now over in the poultry run through the day.

The sounds are heavy this morning with birds in the park singing to each other, Cocky is talking away in his cage and every so often the ducks quack and a hen announces another egg has been laid.

These sorts of day are lovely and relaxing. Well except for a couple of rabbits that is. Poor Cadbury is in her outside run and Nibbles hasn't even bothered to go over and say hello yet. Too busy chatting up Flossy.... still.

So while you are slogging away in your busy life where ever that may be, think of us poor folks and animals out enjoying the day, as someone has to do it.

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