Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Visitors

Over the next week we have 2 visitors from Sydney staying with us. My 6 year old niece's rabbit "Rabbie". Also my 10 year old niece's guinea pig "Guinee".

So Nibbles being a gentleman has shacked up with Cadbury for the visit so these 2 visitors have room to stretch their legs.

I'll pop them outside in the nursery run through the day as the weather here is lovely.

Their grandpa has a Jack Russell dog and I had visions of these little animals not returning if the dog got hold of them.

The are just so cute.


xianfu said...

hmmm, Rabbie is cute.. but, where is Guinee??? So sweet that u care for the Greens....

cya later on...

ps: comment me back.. :p

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks for the kind comments and Rabbie is just so cuddly. I have posted a photo of Guinee now.

I just adore animals:)