Friday, April 21, 2006

How my garlic is going.

Remember how back some weeks ago I showed you the organic garlic I was going to sow from last years harvest?

Well it's starting to come up and hopefully come summer time I'll have another wonderful harvest of organic garlic for use in my kitchen.

Garlic imported into Australia sprayed with a chemical called Methyl Bromide and I have read where this chemical is highly toxic to humans and all living things.

I have also read it is one of the most dangerous chemicals on our planet. It has also been linked to damage with the ozone layer.

So if more of us can grow the garlic we use in our kitchens in our backyard and this means less garlic is imported from overseas and its better health wise.


Susan Borgas said...

Lots of good information on you Blog Lucky1. Thanks for sharing :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Susan:) Organic and Permaculture is very important to me. So I like to share and encourage others to grow a few eating plants or grow a few fruit trees and maybe keep a few chooks.