Monday, April 24, 2006

Russian Tomato Update

If you have been a regular visitor here you will more than likely know about my Russian Tomato experiment I am doing over the cooler months here in Adelaide.

You will also know that the 4 white chickens (about 10 weeks of age now) I have nicknamed the fabless 4 raided the first sowing and destroyed the seedlings.

Well today after so many days of where the fabless 4 haven't jumped the "people fence" and raided the garden, I have planted out the last 4 seedlings I have germinated.

The whole idea of this trial is I am wondering if these plants will grow and crop better in the cooler months rather than the hot months earlier in the year.

The first bout of high heat we had in the summer months, the Russian Tomato plants died. Up until the heat arrived the plant was healthy and fruit was on the plant.

So my main question is.............. Will these plants survive and crop better due to our cooler months if close to the temps and conditions of a Russian summer.

For the full story on this go to my main website Lucky's Duck Farm.

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