Sunday, April 30, 2006

Today's gardening was enjoyable.

My raspberry canes as of yesterday, needing a good pruning and tidying up.

The same area today. Last year's fruiting canes were removed and this year's fruiting canes were tied back against the trellis.

If I was to cut all the canes back to the ground we wouldn't get any fruit this coming season.

So in the spring 2007 fruiting canes will grow and next year I will cut the 2006 fruiting canes away and tie up the 2007 fruiting cane and let the 2008 canes grow.

I know there is a variety that all canes are cut back each winter, but not the variety I planted. This coming fruiting season I am going to make some raspberry jam. Usually we eat the raspberries fresh with cream.

I had to show you this, a red tomato on the last day of April. How cool is that?? Not a lot of home grown tomatoes at this time of the year in the area I live. I thought I show you the tomato on the plant still. Sliced tomato on toast tomorrow for breakfast. Couple of the other fruits are starting to turn colour too.

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