Sunday, April 23, 2006

Visitors to Luckyland

Like all visitors that stay, they must leave. And with Rabbie & Ginie this was now their time to go home. Fiona & Iain and their 2 girls arrived at about 3.30 pm yesterday and were staying the night. So we got to see the antics of their other little animals that went with them to Whyalla.

One of them is their little female budgie Pepper. Who loves red wine and by the looks of it Johnny Walker mixer drinks from a can as well. Pepper doesn't make a good drunk as she gets agro when removed from glass and tells us off as she hops back up for another swig of booze.

Wonder if she has a hang-over and is going okay in her cage, as they are now travelling back to Sydney?

This is one of their 2 stick insects that are from Queensland. When they first got the insects they were no bigger than Fiona's little finger nail.

They have suction cups on their feet and so you can't pick them up as their little feet could be torn from the legs. So you have to walk them onto or off your hand or what ever they are standing on.

Food is gum leaves and water is sprayed a couple of times a day to encourage them to eat and drink from the spray droplets on the leaves.

Getting up early this morning made for some photo time of the local Rainbow Lorikeets that are visiting our apricot tree.

Very noisy birds and we had about 12 this morning in the tree having a good natter and feed of leaves and hopefully not fruiting buds for this coming seasons fruit.

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