Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baby bunny update

I don't have a photo to show you but the little baby rabbit's eyes have open overnight. I did try to take a photo but they kept moving and crawling round. As I didn't want to stress them out I gave up in the end.

So I'll try later on in the week and hopefully they will have settled down and used to the idea of seeing.

They are very cuddly and Amy has often taken Cadbury and her 2 babies into the bedroom and in her bed while she watches TV. Pat & I will cuddle the babies in the rumpus room in the evening with Cadbury nearby.

I named the off white coloured one, Smoky and the black bunny Sinders. Smoky is more active and seems to come across to me as the older of the 2. Smoky's eyes opened first, but Sinder's is more steady on his/her feet. Now their eyes have opened the little faces have taken on a whole new identification. They have their own little faces now and with their eyes open they'll develop new traits and we can't wait to see them grow.

Amy & I went to the markets in the Port Adelaide area this morning and we bought some fresh fruit not only for us but for the bunnies and guinea pigs. With Cadbury still feeding I wanted to make sure she was getting lots of variety of not only organic vegetables from my garden but some fruit as well.

Shouldn't be too long and the babies will be venturing out into the open area of the hutch.

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