Monday, May 08, 2006


You won't see this little beauty on sale in the supermarket or your local grocery shop. The green grubs have had a wonderful time feasting on it. This one is the worst in the brassicas area.

I picked this one as I wanted you to see how serious I am about organic gardening. I would rather share my garden with a few bugs and grubs than poison my family with chemicals.

Also the grubs only eat the outside leaves and when it's harvested we'll still eat a lovely sweet grub free cabbage. All those damaged leaves will go to the chooks and ducks and in return made into fresh eggs.

Though twice a day I did pick off any green grubs on the Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli, much to the delight of the chooks. Which we are now being rewarded with grub free broccoli feeds.

I feel we are being programmed to only except blemish free food that are on sale in the supermarkets and green grocers. Not all of us are accepting this concept and I for one would pick that cabbage in the photo over a perfect cabbage if it was organic and had a sign saying this.

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