Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cadbury due anyday now.

Cadbury is due to give birth to her kittens anyday now. I have just cleaned out her hutch and I have noticed she isn't using her closed in area of the hutch as a toilet spot. So I have popped extra newspaper on the area she is using now and then fresh straw on top.

As Cabdury lives inside we'll have closer access to the litter, though for the first couple of weeks we'll not handle the babies.

So stay tuned for photos of the kittens as they grow.

Teeth Care

Your bunny's teeth grow all the time and so they need to be able to wear them down. Carrots are a good food as its a hard food. I also keep in the other rabbit hutchs a thick piece of fruit tree limb cut to size for their teeth.

Cadbury is the only rabbit that loves these flavoured blocks from the pet shop. When new it looked like a bunch of grapes and now as you can see its been well chewed.

Best time to get a rabbit used to chewing these is when they are babies. Nibbles and Flossy won't use these and so they have fruit tree limbs, cut to a small size.

These fruit chews come is all sizes and different flovours, plus have a tie included in the chew for tying to the mess on the hutch.

Also remember to give your bunnies those sweet fruit sticks in moderation as they are very sweet.

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