Monday, May 22, 2006

Composting the fun way

After cleaning out the main area of Cadbury's hutch I took her bedding down to the composting area. Rather than just dumping the bedding on top of the compost I decided to turn all 3 composting areas.

I have 2 plastic square upright bins and also the one in the photo. This one raised the most excitement with the ducks.

While turning the 2 bins I took the cover off the third one and left the ducks to dabble and hunt for worms. When it came time to turn this compost heap, the ducks didn't move at all and going from the look of those big and fat worms I could understand why. The compost was teaming with worms.

So after lots of quacking and moving them out the road so not pierce them with the garden fork I managed to get the compost turned and a box of leaves added to the heap.

As I left to come inside the ducks were still dabbing and quacking as they searched around the covered compost for more worms and composting bugs.

This is what I love about gardening with the help of animals, it's so relaxing and fun. Never a dull moment and always someone willing to lend a wing or a paw when out the back.

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