Monday, May 01, 2006

Ducks & Breakfast

When it comes to "pondies" out in the duck run, all rules go out the window. The first duck to break the rules is Twinner. I am forever telling them no bathing in the drink container.

Not only does Twinner not listen but Bundy also like to take a dip in it as well.

Size wise Twinner fits better.

Bundy is such a water baby for sure and he never waits until the pond is full. I have seen him jump into the pond after its been cleaned out, only to find no water in it at all.

He had to bend down low to get the water over his body. I love the action picture here of his head moving the water.

When the pond is full, Bundy loves to have a really good splash and then stand up and flap his wings.

Water spray goes everywhere and then back under the water for another splash round.

I took about 40 photos of the ducks yesterday, while they played in the water.

If you have a passion for ducks, you can understand why I love to watch their antics.

That tomato on the plant yesterday was ever so yummy on our toast this morning.

Home grown tomatoes are so much more tasting than the tough old tasteless one at the shops.

Now I have to wait for the next tomato to ripen.

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