Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Making more compost

Yesterday was a busy afternoon out the back in the duck area. With almost 6 days of wet winter weather being promised I wanted to make sure the list of jobs were all done.

Earlier in the day Pat & I went to our local poultry grain supplier and I bought a bale of straw and some more food for the poultry and rabbits.

First job was to start cleaning out the duck shed as I wanted to mix this in the compost bins. Once the soiled bedding was removed I spread fresh smelling straw around the shed floor. The straw that wasn't used was then stored in the 30 & 40 kilo grain/pellet bags for future use.

Next I shifted a 25 kilo bag of wheat I scored on the weekend at an outdoor market to a smaller plastic bin, so the 30 kilo of layer pellets could go into the bigger bin. To help keep rodents out of the stored food I have bins with firm lids on them.

Now the shed was ship shape next was the outside areas.

With the colder weather now well and truly here the tumbleweed compost wasn't quite ready for use and so this was given a good turn and at the same time some upper arm exercises for me.

Next was the compost bins, as they are bins with open bottoms I just have to lift them up and away to a new area and then start to fork the made compost back into the bins.

I couldn't believe my luck as my former lawn mower man called in with a bin full of green lawn cuttings. So this was also layered sandwich style with some of the duck straw bedding from their shed in between the compost from the bins. By this time I was hot and need of a cup of tea and a rest.

While Pat and I sat and chatted drinking our hot drinks he made, we listened to the chooks and ducks quack and cluck as they dabbled and scratched round the finished compost area looking for all the plump fat worms.

Last on the list of jobs was to use a leaf rake and collect the odd fruit tree leaves, feathers from any molting ducks and chooks and any poultry manure that was sitting round and doing nothing. This was popped into the compost bin and all was finished.

So today as the cold wet winter weather has settled in and I have listened to the rain this afternoon on the house roof, I am happy to know the animals are all snug and warm and their tummies full of food.

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