Saturday, May 20, 2006

Moving the pepino vine

With the pepino vine gone I have a whole area of no-dig gardening that can be put to use again. You can see the mark on the soil, this shows how much area was lost. So now this area will need some work done on it. This was also the area I squeezed a few lettuces I had grown from seeds and the Fabless 4 raided and destroyed the other day.

I have some old bedding from the rabbit hutches and this will be spread over the top and given a good wetting down with some fish emulsion to help with the soil.

My sister has promised me some sheep manure from under their shearing shed in about 4 weeks and a bag will be spread over the area. Then a few weeks after this I will plant some seedlings in the bed.

Finally move the pepino vine from the no-dig area to the back fence behind the apricot tree.

While Pat was pulling out the vine I raked over the area where the new vines were going. Cut the cable ties that was holding the plastic trellis on another fence (this was left over from an old passhionfruit vine) we grew and attached to the back fence.

These vines seem to grow so easy and with a good size root on the bottom and a few leaves on the top, we should see some movement within weeks.

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