Sunday, May 07, 2006


Over night we received 21 mm of rain. A few times through the night I was woken to the sounds of wind blowing hard against the house and maybe a bit of hail fell at one stage.

The garden is lovely and wet and won't need a water for days now. Rain water tank is over flowing and when this happens I always wish I had the second tank.

Yesterday Patrick and I planted out about 4 dozen bulbs into the flower area out the front. I should have had them in earlier but I kept forgetting about the box of bulbs sitting in the house.

Planted out 20 mixed ranunculus and 30 mauve anemone bulbs. The anemone bulbs were a free gift through a gardening magazine I subscribe too.

Sept 2005 while at the Adelaide show we ordered a pile of bulbs from an interstate company called J.N. Hancock & Co. The best part about ordering these bulbs is the flowers were on display in front of you.

How many times have you looked at and bought a bulb or flowing annual for that matter and been disappointed in the flower? Well Pat & I had a difficult time picking out what daffodils we wanted as all the flowers were so beautiful.

Some we ordered came as a single bulb and some come in 3's. We were also given as a gift 3 yellow daffodils, some plant tag markers plus an information poster on monthly care for bulbs.

Daffodils are Patrick's favourite flower and he can't wait until the spring flowering starts. I must say the thought of all these bulbs flowering in the spring sunshine is just a wonderful thought.

Here is the suppliers website J.N Hancock & Co

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