Thursday, May 25, 2006

When is an egg not an egg????

On the right is a mallard duck egg and on the left is a chook egg.

Duck egg weighs 62 grams
Chook egg weighs 10 grams

I found it underneath the chook house area, not sure how long its been under there. One of the chooks must have kicked it out into the edge of it today.

With me not knowing how old the egg is I have no idea of when it was laid.

Some info on eggs for you.

Soft-shelled eggs

Are caused when a hen is coming into lay again.

Calcium deficiency this can be avoided by making sure you have shell grit available at all times.

Calcium powder added to their wet mash.

Lots of greens will help as well.

Double Yolks

This is hereditary when a hen is coming into lay, nothing to worry about and just enjoy the surprise when you find one.

Yolkless egg

Cccurs when the hen is coming into lay or just finishes.

Blood spots in eggs

A little blood has escaped from the ovarian follicle. Blood spots does not mean a chicken is starting to develop.

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