Saturday, June 17, 2006

100th posting.

One job I always like to do every weekend is my compost heaps. Not only is it a great work out for me, the process of turning the compost bins weekly helps to keep the turn over for my vegie garden a regular source of food for the plants and soil.

I had just started when my niece and her partner phoned to say they were calling in for a coffee and chat. So I left the bags of bunny litter and shredded paper from my office area near the compost bins until I was ready to use them later in the afternoon.

As I was out the back I let the chooks out to run with the ducks for the afternoon. This was lovely as I was able to watch their antic while working on my no-dig area for this coming season's tomatoes.

Well Paddles and Rhett and a couple of chooks were busted raiding the bags to see what yummy goodies were inside for them to eat. Somehow I don't think they got what they were looking for and I was left with a mess.

When it was time to transfer compost to the no-dig area and more compost from one bin to the next, I suddenly was a pile of chooks and ducks best friend. As they know inside those bins are a whole lot of yummy worms.

So while I forked around them, moved chook's bums out the road and tried not to step on webbed feet, I managed to move 1 bin full of compost to my composting tumbler and the other bin across to the then empty compost bin.

So what did I have after the afternoon's fun and games out the back?

An area more ready for summer tomatoes, compost bins air-rated and moved to the next stage and some protein filled ducks & chooks from feasting on plump worms.

So we all got somethig out of the composting area this afternoon and that's heaps better than going to landfill in my books.

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