Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Coldest day in 17 years

This morning at about 7.30 I was outside taking photos of the frost as it came down. Even though I wasn't dressed for such a frosty morning, it was fun looking round to see what was frost touched and what missed out.

Top of the chook house was looking white in places and I did so feel for Manny & his wives as I crunched round the yard.

Boy sure am glad we didn't leave the rabbits outside overnight by mistake. It was weird touching the lawn where the frost had settled. I could hear it crunch under my feet as I walked.

The bird bath was fill of ice and it reminded me of one of those icy slush drinks kids like on a hot summer day.

  • Today was the coldest morning here in Adelaide for 17 years.
  • When I was out taking these photos is was -1.9
  • At 8 am it was -0.5
I love winter and for those minutes out the back taking these photos it was most exhilarating moment in time.

What a wakeup call.

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