Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gardener's Gold

This is gardener's gold, aged sheep manure from under a shearing shed. Last night just after 11.30 p.m. my sister and her family called in with these 4 bags of sheep manure for my garden. They were here if I was lucky for 15 mins before they headed off to their daughter's place. I wasn't expecting them until today but at the last minute they decided to come down the night before. This then allowed me to work a day earlier out in the garden.

Already one bag has been used and is spread across the no-dig garden that I am preparing for the summer crops of tomatoes and corn.

One bag equaled just over a wheel barrows worth and opening the bag I was greeted with the smell of my childhood. Funny how back in the 70's as a kid I used to hang round the shearing shed at times when dad was working sheep and my younger sister and I would help out. Sure beat a day at the school table. To think I was standing on a mountain of gardening wealth.

Sheep poo already starting to break down. To get the manure to break down quicker, mix it in the soil or mulch. I have left it on top for the time being and as the weeks go past, they will be mixed into the straw and compost.

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