Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Out & About

Its quiet in the garden and so I thought a few zoo photos might go down a treat for today.

Adelaide University Bridge along the Torrens River.

We walked around along the river and under the bridge to get to the zoo. This is about the area we were at when we saw the family of swans.

So many people walk, jog, run, cycle, or relax along this area and why not as it's a stunning place to be and enjoy.

I love these little Mandarin ducks with their
feather colouring.

The tiger has a new enclosure with a swimming pool which has a viewing glass for us to see him swimming.

Also with the new area we are able to take photos from a viewing platform with no wire between us.

I love the big cats and could take hundreds of photos of them in a visit to the zoo. I have this photo as my desk top picture.

Unlike the tiger the lions are behind wire and the trick to taking the photo is not having any wire showing.

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