Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Preparing for the spring sowing.

Last couple of days I have been cleaning up around the food gardens. Fruit trees pruning and removing spent plants from the vegie patch.

With all the frosts we have had the Blue Lake climbing beans had come to an end and so this afternoon I pains takingly removed all the climbing beans from the trellis. While doing this I had a great idea of instead of removing the trellis and packing it down behind the chook house. I'll leave it where it is until needed down the track.

Weeded around the leeks and lettuces and noticed Nibbles has been living up to his name with the lettuces and snow peas on the other trellis. Pat said I'll have to have Nibbles in a play pen once the seedlings go in. This saddens me as Nibbles loves running round the backyard.

Pat pulled out the capsicum plants as they too had just about given up with the frosts. These plants were cut up by hand and added to the compost bin. Yesterday I dried 3 trays of capsicum and a tray of chilies on my electric dehydrator, for winter cooking.

Also the area that is resting down the back is now being prepared for some beetroot and carrots seeds to go in with in the week. Soil was turned today and any weeds were removed. After all the compost and gypsum added to the area back a couple of months ago it has broken up the clay and the soil looks dark, rich and full of worms and that is wonderful in my books.

So over the next few days I'll finish pruning the apricot tree, pull out more weeds from around plants. Check my seed bank and write down what I am in need of and order from an organic seed club I am a member of. Make a list of seedlings I am wanting and seed raising mix for the seedlings I will germinate myself for the spring/summer seasons. Plus a list of organic fertilizers such as Blood & Bone, gypsum, dolomite lime and liquid seaweed emulsion.

People think winter is a quiet time in the vegie garden, but to me it's one of the busiest times of the year.

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