Friday, June 23, 2006

Resting Beautifully

This area was the last part of the garden I converted to a no-dig area, over some lawn, back a few years ago now.

Been a long time since I have had an area looking this empty. The other day we pulled out the capsicum plants due to the cold weather and frosts slowing the plants right down. Just to the left of the spring onions you can see the garlic and plain chives. Poor chives are feeling the cold, but come spring they will reshoot and take off again.

Usually I add to the area when I think it needs it, even though there are plants in the soil. But thought this time round it could do with a good power boost before I decide what I am going to be planting into this area.

I do the rotating of plants but depending on what I am growing to what goes after the last harvest.

I am thinking of planting corn at the front and pumpkins behind it. That way the duck water from the ponds can be used to water the corn easy enough, with out climbing all over the pumpkins.

I didn't get round to planting pumpkins last year due to an ankle injury and being on crutchers. The corn too was a flop and was fed to the animals and the stalks cut up and placed in the compost bins. So this year I am looking for a bumper crop from both.

Tomorrow my sister is bringing down some sheep manure from under their shearing shed. Not sure how much I am getting but hoping its enough for me to boost up the soil with a feed of manure mixed with straw and compost that I have made.

To get a good harvest it's the soil you must feed and this in return will feed your plants and that in return will feed you.

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