Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yellow-fly Traps

Being as organic as I can be in my backyard I used to buy a product to combat against white-fly. These were a very sticky yellow trap, bought in nurseries and some hardware shops in packets of 5.

I have been noticing though these traps like chemical sprays don'’t know a good bug from a bad bug. Over the times I have set these sticky traps out in my vegie garden I have found some good bugs getting caught on the glue. Namely bees and also noticed the odd bird feathers. Also I have read where a gardener had a gecko stuck on a trap and needed to know how to remove the gecko without harming it

So I am making my own with some yellow A4 paper cut down to a manageable size and laminating them. A hole puncher will be used to give me a spot to thread a bag tie through it and hang on a trellis out in the garden.

I am going to smear the trap with Vaseline to make it sticky enough to catch the white-fly but hopefully the bees will be able to escape. It must be yellow paper as this colour attracts white-fly to the sheets.

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