Thursday, July 20, 2006

Asparagus Spears Already

First 2 spears for the coming season have poked their heads up. I was rather shocked to find the spears in July though.

I am so glad I have removed any weeds and restocked the area with old compost and old sheep manure in preparation for the up coming season.

Though I am wondering if the spring season is arriving earlier this year, Pat seems to think it has. I can never remember from year to year what is happening in the way of almond blossom and asparagus spears for that matter. Lots of almond trees in our area are loaded with blossom.

So I guess in a few days we will be eating freshly steamed organic asparagus spears.

I'd love to know your thoughts of whether you think the spring season is or will be early this year or not. What I do know is this winter has been colder, but not as wet as other years.

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