Monday, July 17, 2006

Bundy & His Tyre

Bundy is my drake that has been bred from my family of ducks. He has the body of a pekin and colouring of a mallard. I love his green feathering colour on his head. Also depending which way the sun shines on his wing bar, to what colour is refected off.

Bundy loves his car tyre and I often find him resting in it towards late afternoon. Some days all I can see is his tail and head as he rests his bill on the tyre. Gives me a lazy quack and goes back to sleep.

He wasn't happy when I took his tyre to make the worm farm. So yesterday when I raked out the duck run I gave him another tyre and he's taking full advantage of my soft spot and he isn't sharing it with any of the ducks.

One happy duck.

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