Friday, July 14, 2006

Chillie Plant

My Birdseye chilli plant has just about finished cropping. The last of the chillies will be used to warm the chooks & ducks when I make their evening wet mash. I am going to leave pruning my plant back until after the colder weather has finished.

Close up of the plant shows how the cold weather is turning the leaves yellow.

The underneath of the plant is showing lush green leaves due to being protected by the top canopy of the bush.

My neighbour has cut his chillie plants all back almost like rose bushes. I will leave mine until the end of August as the warmer days will help to protect those new shoots as they grow.

I am thinking if I prune the plant back now, the cold days and nights will take its toll on the bush. With the plant left as it is, it will have more protection while the weather is cold.

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