Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chook Upkeep

Well it was a busy day out the back with the hen house having a clean out. Not only fresh straw for the sleeping area, with a bucket of wormwood leaves for the floor. Along with fresh straw for the laying boxes, wormwood also included in the nesting boxes. This will help to repel lice and expels intestinal worms with ingesting the leaves.

So with a large plant pot and wheel barrow full of chook litter sitting in the duck run, it becomes fair game for any nosy chook. For some reason it looks all fresh and interesting when collected and waiting to be added to the composting bins. I have never not have a chook or a duck for that matter dig round in the litter hoping to find something yummy.

Also finished pruning the apricot tree at last.

My ex-lawn mower man just dropped a bin load of lawn cuttings off for me to use in the compost and the duck run. What I don't use will be spread round the duck run to collect their droppings and then composted down the track.


melissa said...

hi lucky .
the dietes is lovely .
in referal to some of your earlier posts .. i can't feel spring but the jonquils are out and amazingly the early (!!) moorepark apricot has started to send out green leaf tips !! i expect early but this is getting ridiculous !
i got a seed catalogue in the mail (free)from diggers today ...I think I maybe a convert . im planning to settle down and write wish list tonight ... tell me when it says 8 packs of free seeds that all at once ..? or do you have to pay the subs fee and then wait til next order ? spring ?? or ....?
anyway ..enjoy the egg plant ..glad they got threre ...sorry about the big muddy footprint !
i should be gone off the net and cooking chick curry for tea but im caught in its lure !

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Melissa:)
The free seeds are over the 12 months if your a member of the Digger's Club. I have always been sent the choices I have picked each time. As I pick vegie seeds everytime, this keeps my costs down.
I dream and drool everytime my cat-a-log arrives.I have found the strike rate to be very high with the Digger seeds too.
The free seeds are put on the order form page at different times of the year when the cat-a-logs are sent out to you.
Thanks so much for the egg plant seeds. They will be used this coming season.