Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dietes in Flower

Out the front in my little flower bed area the Dietes are starting to come out in flower. These are such a lovely plant and I love them when in flower.

I need a day out in the area to weed, prune the roses back and tidy some of the perennials. Going to start trying to get out there tomorrow as today Pat & I were again babysitting Coco and Bear for the morning.

So by the time we got home and had lunch and cleaned up, I was not feeling like chasing plants round the yard. If I wasn't kicking the ball in the 3 hours, Pat was kicking the ball.

We also took some more sand from the soon to be gone sand pit, for the chicken run. Hoping this will help to stop getting as muddy as what it does when we get heavy rain. The hens will still have under the cubby house for dust baths.

Really hoping tomorrow is as stunning a day as what today was, even though we really do need a couple of days where the rain just falls from the sky.

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