Monday, July 10, 2006

Finally I have a copy

I have no idea how many years I have wanted to have a copy of this magazine in my collection of gardening books and magazines.

Now I have a copy, thanks to eBay.

A lot of my vegetable gardening skills I owe to this man Peter Cundall from Tasmania (Australia).

I have his 'Patch from Scratch" DVD that I have used to help me countless times over the last 7 years in my vegie patch and I still enjoy sitting down and watching the 1 hour show about a vegie patch over 18 months.

I have a composting video that the whole Gardening Australia team present giving ideas on composting and the goodness of having chooks, worms and worm farms in your garden.

Gardening Australia video on "Herbs" again presented by the garden team.

DVD of "Cottage Gardens" presented by the Gardening Australia team.

Permaculture & Organic Gardening presented by Josh Byrne on DVD.

Books and magazines from the Gardening Australia team.

Plus countless other books on poultry, ducks, worm farm, recycling, gardening, permiculture, vegies, roses and annuals.

So what I am I say?

That by reading books, watching gardening shows and videos/DVDs, seeing gardens through the open garden scheme, or just chatting to a gardener in a street, you can learn so much and take it back into your own garden and put it into practice.

Ideas are born by looking, listening and watching what is happening in other people's gardens.

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