Monday, July 03, 2006


I have been very quiet gardening wise for the last 5 days. Saturday it was so wet and we had 11 mm of rain in the backyard. Though it has been just released we had the 3rd driest June on record.

Today I cleaned out the 3 rabbit hutches and composted all the used bunny litter. Flossy was put back out into her own hutch in the duck run after living with Nibbles for 2 weeks in Cadbury's hutch. Nibbles is now back in his own hutch and Cadbury is in her's.

I feel guilty about Flossy having been returned to her outside hutch. I am wondering if she enjoyed the TV and heater in the evenings.

Just before I took the above photo, Flossy was busy taking fresh straw into her closed in hutch area. She looked so cute with a mouthful of straw.

The rest of the straw was broken up into biscuits and stored in the bags I buy the wheat and laying pellets in. These bags are now stored in the duck shed and I wonder how long before Twinner or Milly find the bags and start laying their eggs in the straw again.

Some mornings when I go into the duck shed, I will hear a "quack" from one of the bags.

So if all goes well, we could have some baby bunnies in 2 weeks time.

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