Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Free Worm Farm

With winter here the compost bins have slowed down. So I need to find a new way to compost down the hutch bedding from Cadbury & Nibbles. No way am I going to waste all that soiled newspaper and straw full of bunny poo.

I saw on an internet site a worm farm made with car tyres and thought, this will solve my problems. I have modified it, to suite the purpose of feeding the plum tree with all the worm juice that will seep out from the bottom.

What I did was place a tyre on the bare ground and wet down all bunny bedding and placed into a car tyre. When the car tyre was full, I sat another tyre on top and repeated the process.

I added a couple of good hand full of worms to the bedding. I am working on the plan that the composting worms will work on the top area and the soil worms will come up from underneath and work on the bottom filling in the tyres.

I have noticed that I find composting worms at all levels in the compost bins when I have added it to the compost bins from my farms. So I am also figuring they will travel down as well.

When the farm was 3 tyres high and 2.5 tyres full of material, I put a cover of wet newspaper on top of the worms.

In a few weeks I'll add more too it, mean while I'll keep an eye on it.

All finished and a heavy cover added to stop the ducks shifting it and raiding the farm for a feed.

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