Saturday, July 15, 2006

Funny Bunny Business

Cadbury in her hutch as of 5 minutes ago when I took this photo.

She has had me web searching, ringing family members,even had my sister web searching and a couple of forums talking bunny meals and the cost of them at the butcher or markets.

Why you ask????

Cadbury was last with Nibbles back Easter time which resulted in Smokey & Sinders been born.

So either Nibbles post packed it to Cadbury, got to her through the wire of her outside run, remembering Nibbles runs free most times in the backyard.

Or it's a phantom pregnancy.

I am thinking a phantom pregnancy. I will keep an eye on the smaller area of her hutch as its so clean in there. Last thing I want to do is throw the babies out with the water, so to speak. So when I clean out her hutch next time I'll do the larger area only.

If Nibbles did get to her through the cage wire, it'll be hard to catch her feeding them as females only feed their young once a day. This makes it harder for the hunter be it a fox or cat or what ever else find the young.

Butter wouldn't melt in Nibbles' mouth.

Nibbles is just too cute for his boots. He knows how cute he is too. He was begging to have his photo taken as his hutch sits on top of Cadbury's.

So stay tuned for a update down the track on whether Nibbles is a clever little boy or not.


Annie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, which has led me to your lovely one here.

I've always thought that rabbits either delivered their litter or, if conditions changed and they 'decided' against having kittens, they reabsorbed them.

My Beannie Bunny used to have a yearly phantom pregnancy. Definitely phantom, as she, like all my girls, have been spayed to prevent womb cancer. She would nest build, pluck her fur, and even swell up as if pegnant.

Male rabbits can impregnate through wire, though - the owners of my brood's parents were constantly having 'accidents' of this kind ...

I'd say, either take Cadbury to the vet or wait three or four weeks and see!!!

Sorry not to be more help,


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Time will tell if its a phantom or Nibbles is good even through wire cages.