Sunday, July 30, 2006

Preparing For Summer

Days are getting longer and warmer, so it's time to think about starting some of the seeds off in my little hot house. These seeds take longer to establish and I'll post photos as the weeks go by, so you can see them growing.

Planted out in seed form today were,
tomato cherry mix,
tomato Rouge de Marmande,
Grosse Lisse tomato,
Principe Borghese tomato,
mini choc capsicum,
straight Leaf Spring Onion I saved myself,
Jimmy Nardello capsicum,
some chilli seeds I have been given by fellow gardeners and
some yellow banana capsicum I had saved myself.

While I was doing this Pat was turning over an area that needed to have weeds removed. I'm not sure what will be planted in this area yet. I need to add some gypsum to break up the clay and add some of the compost I am making, in this area late August. I know on the trellis there will be some cucumber plants as I want to make some more green tomato pickles. As I need heaps of cucumbers for making pickles and salads, I will grow 2 varieties this year.

Two rows of carrots and 1 row of beetroot. Weeded round them today and am happy with the germination rate. Grew some here a few years back and had a good result.

The pepino didn't like the area I moved them to. Shame as they weren't a bad fruit, only thing was the plant was a huge creeping plant and took up so much room. Looked like a mini hedge and my father-in-law's never got as big as mine.

So while I weeded the carrots and Pat turned the vacant area, the ducks and chooks hung on to every arm movement with such glee. Thrown over the fence to them were sods of grass and loose weeds.

Worms for the greedy bills & beaks who were willing to take them from our fingers.

This is one of the things I love about my backyard, there is always someone who is willing to hang over the fence and give their opinion.


Susan Borgas said...

Your last photo has lots of colour with the different birds. They also look very healthy.

My own 12 red hens are producing around eight eggs per day now. Maybe Spring is closer than one thinks. :D

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Susan.:)
I am sure the birds look so healthly from their diet I have them on and also the mollass in their wet mash has helped to bring that shine to their feathers.

I'm geting on the average 5 eggs a days sometimes more and for this month I have collected......

132 chook eggs
35 duck eggs.