Thursday, July 06, 2006


Today was a great day as Pat and I went to Bunnings for some seed raising mix for me to use to start the spring/summer seeds off with.

While there I bought the above plants as well. The corn flowers are Pat's favourite annual and so I couldn't resist them.

I have always wanted a bay tree and so I now have one. Later on I'll get a lovely pot for it, thinking of a square ceramic pot in a lovely bright colour, maybe yellow.

The parsley is needed as I have just about used up all the parsley I dried 2 years ago. I must say I have missed the fresh parsley from out the back.

So in the next day or so I'll be busy out in the garden planting out my new plants.

Bad news for the chooks though as the fabless 4 have been hopping the fence and scratching round in some of the garden areas. So they will be in prison unless I'm out the back to watch them.

Also Nibbles will have to be in the play pen too as he will eat the Broccoli as quick as he can. Though our neighbour the other day gave us another play pen the same as ours, so we can double the size. Man he makes me feel guilty when he looks at me standing and begging to hop out and run loose.

Still some more things I need from Bunnings, but that is another day.

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