Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thank You

Isn't this lovely?? Chuckles and DJ were picked up last night and their family gave this candle holder to me for caring for their bunnies. Even though Pat helped as well.

What a lovely surprise as I wasn't expecting anything, just enjoyed having the extra furry ones around the place.

Said to Rachel (owner), her little rabbits were welcome here anytime. Just ring up and book them in.

I didn't end up putting DJ with Flossy as with both visitors being boys and having one coming home after a night on the town all smelling girlie, may have caused some fights. So we decided not to worry about it. Flossy will just live her life as a single lady on the pension now.

Cleaned out Cadbury's hutch the other day and she spent that night taking all the straw from her play area to the bed area and this time round she is pulling out fur. She is either really pregnant or really up the creek hormone wise.

I am also thinking she maybe a few lettuce leaves short of a salad sandwich too..........Chuckle.

I'll keep you posted of the Cadbury situation.

Hoo roo for now.

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