Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bulbs flowering

Sour sobs are such a pretty weed when flowering and the bees just love them for buzzing in and out of. Shame that the bulbs and flowers are going to be removed this week, as I am sure the bees will miss them.

Early in the year the Garden Australia magazine in conjunction with "Garden Express" offered readers a packet of 40 free Blueberry Ice anemone bulbs.

I took them up on the offer and this is the first flower I have in my front garden. Usually I only have ranunculus, jonquils and daffodil bulbs in my garden.

Very happy to have these little bulbs included in the spring display of bulbs.

First of what will be many jonquils flowers for the spring showing. I have lots of different varieties of jonquils out in the garden in white and yellow.

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