Saturday, August 12, 2006


Nothing beats a carrot fresh from the garden and on the wooden chopping board with in seconds of being pulled.

I'm getting better each sowing with the carrots. I am now thinning them as they get bigger and in return am getting a bigger and straighter carrot. The thinning ones are either eaten by Pat or shared out between the rabbits & guinea pigs.

These were grated and eaten raw with our lunch outside as today was spent in the garden.

I can't get over how much the vegies are moving with the warm days we have had of late.

The chooks were out on parole while we were in the backyard pottering round. Pat was busy servicing the push bikes. But two of the FABLESS 4 kept jumping the people fence. So once we moved out into the front garden, they were sent home in disgrace. It's a shame that they all had to be shut in their own run because a few chooks don't know when to quit hopping over the fence.

Front yard is looking really tidy and so many bulbs are getting ready to flower. All the sour sobs have been removed, roses finished being pruned and any annuals were tidied up or pruned back.

Finally planted out Pat's corn flowers, hoping they will improve as when I left them in the garden, they looked pretty sick. I tend to not plant flower seedlings out as quick as the vegie seedlings. The corn flowers spent a couple of weeks hoping in and out of the bird bath to keep them alive.

I finished my gardening day off by pruning the native rose tree.

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